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Recruitment and Talent Management Events

The recruitment industry reached a high of over $400 billion by the end of 2013. The US market was and is the biggest with income upwards of $120 billion. Japan is second with nearly double the UK's £31 billion in turnover for the year (a rise of nearly ten per cent). In the UK market, a record £26 billion (91 per cent) of the market comes from temporary and contract business - an 8.2 per cent rise year-on-year - and more than 14 per cent above the pre-recession figure from 2007/08. Revenue from permanent business rose by 8.7 per cent to £2.7 billion, but still 37 per cent below its pre-recession peak in the UK of £4.3 billion.

Recruitment as a profession continues to grow in the UK, with more than 96,000 people working in the industry. This is the fourth consecutive rise, but still more than 12,000 short of pre-recession numbers.

Where to go to learn and observe and network in the talent acquisition and talent management industries?

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Up-coming Events

HR Tech World Amsterdam - Netherlands

Gone are the days where talent acquisition is as simple as offering the best candidates good or great money. That is why we want to discuss with you the future of scouting, recruiting and retaining staff in the Recruitment Lounge.

Amsterdam, Netherlands
24 - 25 October, 2017

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Technology continues to change our understanding of the world around us and in ways we had never imagined.

Within 10 years, over half of the office occupations in the world will be displaced by technology. How do we manage this? How do we capitalize on this? And where is tech leading the Future of Work?

With Brexit, Cognitive HR, a possible global leadership crisis, and disruptions occurring in unpredictable ways, we'll be in London to help you navigate the changes and the possibilities interwoven with HR and tech.

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The Amsterdam Rai is the venue for connection, bringing people together from across the globe for premier events. Providing the location of choice in Amsterdam for more than a century, the Rai will host HR Tech World again as we return home to Amsterdam!

HR Tech World has in 5 years grown exponentially from 400 to 6000 attendees. In 2017, the appetite for the Greatest HR Shows on Earth will scale to 3 locations - London, San Francisco and Amsterdam - with attendees coming from 120+ countries!


June 5-7, 2017 | San Francisco, CA, USA

Recruiter Nation Live offers the largest gathering of talent-focused professionals and experts under one roof. In fact, anyone with a vested interest in high-quality hiring is welcome to join. We’ll offer powerful keynote presentations, along with learning tracks and breakout sessions, all focused on the topics impacting your business today. Hear the latest insight and trends in creative sourcing, employment branding, recruitment marketing, collaborative hiring, effective career websites, recruiting metrics, onboarding, and much more. And of course-you’ll have plenty of opportunities throughout the event to network with the industry’s best and brightest.

Jobvite’s Recruiter Nation Live offers two full days of total talent and recruiting enlightenment-including all your favorite activities from previous events.

Connect with the Best: Network with 600+ of the best minds in recruiting - including your peers, well-known industry experts, thought leaders, and visionaries

Get Interactive: Stop by the Demo Center to see what’s new with Jobvite products - and visit the Solutions Expo to try the latest technology from our partners.

Ask the Experts: For Customers - Register early, pick a time slot, and secure your one-on-one appointment with Jobvite Customer Success experts at the Insiders’ Bar.


Abby Wambach
Two-time American Olympic Gold Medalist Soccer Player; Equal Pay Advocate

Tim Sanders
Best Selling Author, Technology Pioneer

Ann Curry
Award-winning journalist and photojournalist, Humanitarian Reporter

Dan Finnigan - CEO, Jobvite
Chief Executive Officer, Jobvite

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The HR Software Show (incorporating the Recruitment Exhibition 2017)
Discover the future of HR through digital transformation

Olympia London, Blythe Road, London W14 8UX, UK
Wednesday 14 June 2017
Thursday 15 June 2017

Join us at the HR Software Show incorporating the Recruitment Exhibition 2017 and:

- start the digital transformation within your organisation
- upgrade your HR strategy with the latest technology solutions
- build a more effective recruitment solution
- keep up with the latest trends and developments
- match leading suppliers to your business initiatives
- discover cost-effective ways to enhance performance

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